Are balloons meant just for kids and their birthday parties? No, they are not and if you think so, you couldn’t be more wrong. In-fact, there is nothing that indicates celebration better than balloons. If you are up for adding some real fun to your wedding reception, this post is for you. We have rounded up a bunch of wedding balloon ideas that might help you add life to your wedding reception in style.

1. Those Extra Large Balloons

Extra large balloons simply take your wedding décor to another level altogether. Nowadays, you will find most of the event venues in Healdsburg making the most of extra large balloons. It is quite easy to get perfectly round giant balloons in any color you want. They perfectly complement your wedding décor and pictures of the couple holding giant sized balloons ooze romance and fun. If you are organizing your wedding reception at one of the Sonoma county wedding venues, then you must certainly consider using oversized balloons as part of your wedding décor.

2. Balloon Arch

If you want to create a visual showstopper and an epic backdrop that turns heads, then balloon arches must be your pick. This vintage décor style has made a great comeback in recent years. The new trend involves using mixed balloon sizes though. With a modern touch, balloon arch can do wonders to the décor of your wedding reception. They are astonishingly easy to create, but a quick tip here. You will need a minimum of hundred balloons, if you really want to see the magic. It is the best to leave it to professionals.

3. Typography Balloons

Ideal for a bright décor oozing happiness, typography balloons are quite popular these days. Decorate the venue with colourful balloons with slogans. You can make the most of the thousands of pre-printed designs. Alternatively, you can go for custom designs of your own. All you need to do is getting in touch with the wedding planners at one of the best event venues in Healdsburg in advance, so that they can make it possible for you.

4. Letters

Letter shaped balloons are just fabulous and act as a great signage for your cake or card table. By buying each balloon individually, you can create a style of your own. Since these balloons are lightweight, they can be used almost anywhere. Besides, you do not need helium to fill them as they can be easily air-filled.

If you need more information about how balloons can add life to your wedding décor, feel free to get in touch with a reputed Sonoma county wedding venue and take your wedding reception décor to another level.