Who doesn’t want a picture perfect, fairytale wedding? For a gala wedding ceremony to happen, everything needs to be just right! From the wedding dress to the location, you need to pick everything cautiously. And, when it comes to a venue, it should have expansive views as well as ample space for the guests. If you are looking for the best wedding venue in Healdsburg, Villa Chanticleer should top your list of names for your wedding reception.

From the dining room to the foyer, and from the ballroom to the alleys around it, everything about Villa Chanticleer looks enchanting. Inside the Villa, each of the 3,000  square foot room features light-toned hardwood flooring with matching redwood paneling. From the dining room, one could get a scenic beauty of the vast expanse of the Alexander Valley below and at a distance the Geyser Peak. The kitchen of the venue is located centrally and is a modern, commercially equipped kitchen. From the ballroom and all other areas of the veranda, the porch, and the lawn, you could see hills covered in bay laurel and oak trees. So, with such beautiful surroundings around, you could definitely get your wedding pictures perfectly framed!

The location of a wedding venue matters

You must make sure that the wedding reception Healdsburg venue you are choosing is convenient for the guests to reach. The guests must be coming from all across the land. So, the venue should be easily accessible from all parts of the city and the countryside. In this regard too Villa Chanticleer wins over other wedding venues that newlyweds choose.

Count the inclusive services and equipment

At Villa Chanticleer you could get certain inclusive services that include:

  • A property manager for the entire day of the event
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • A green wedding garden with gazebo
  • Sitting arrangements for the guests
  • Wine barrels
  • Built-in PA systems
  • On-site commercial kitchen service
  • Dressing rooms for both the groom and the bride
  • Onsite parking facility for the guests

So, come and book the best wedding venue in Healdsburg – Villa Chanticleer. Remember to book the venue well before your wedding day as it’s a popular venue and early birds get the best chance.