COVID-19 Response

We have modified our operations in light of the health pandemic. The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority. We are meeting or exceeding all guidelines from the county and will continue to evaluate operations.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

  • Covered Garden for Wedding Ceremony
  • With a specific seating chart, we are able to create a wonderful experience all while maintaining social distance in a beautiful outdoor setting
  • 80 Guests Allowed On-Site at One Time
  • 3,000 Square foot Ceremony Garden with a tent covering the lower garden lawn so weather is not a worry
  • We are a Private Venue for Qualified Guests

We also offer Outdoor Dining with a qualified caterer

  1.  Tables and chairs will be placed with 6 feet from chair to chair so that non-family/Household/Social bubble groups are separated
  2.  All employees will wear masks and gloves during service
  3.  All guests at each table must be seated at the same time
  4.  Guests may take off masks while seated, but when they get up they will be required to put on their mask.
  5.  All food will be served to guests while seated
  6.  All beverages will be in bottles or cans and served while seated
  7.  Guests will receive a new plate or glass with every meal or beverage

This will be back available as of January 9, 2021 pending State and County Guidelines.


Villa Chanticleer is committed to observing the highest standards of Sonoma County Health and safety guidelines. We [Villa Chanticleer] commit to the following practices while observing events, groups, and gatherings at our facility

  1.  All staff have been told not to come to work if ill
  2.  A health survey is conducted with staff prior to the beginning of each event
  3.  Face coverings are worn the entire time while on premise. Face coverings will be fitted to the face and cover the nose and mouth
  4.  Hand Sanitizer stations are placed at all entry and exit points
  5.  Restrooms are being disinfected frequently, before, during, and after each event and/or approximately every 2 hours
  6.  Guests and staff will be 6 feet apart while onsite unless unavoidable and will always wear facial coverings
  7.  Signage is posted at each public entrance of the facility to inform the public to:
    a. Maintain social distancing of six feet
    b. Wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry into facility
    c. Stay home if they are ill or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19