Months and months have gone by preparing for the biggest day of your life and it’s almost round the corner. So, the vendors have been booked, you have already booked the wedding venue and finalized the wedding dress.Marin County Wedding Venues Not to forget the invitation cards and list of guests invited. But is that all?

Even after months of preparation, the last few days before the wedding need to be carefully planned and made the most of to make sure the wedding day turns out to be a one of its kind and memorable for you, your family, friends and the guests. List of things to be done in the wedding week might sound daunting, but with proper planning and by creating a check-list of last minute preps, it can be made a breeze.

Try-out the Entire Look

Yes, you have got the best wedding dress designed by the best designer in town, but that shouldn’t be all. Test-drive the entire ensemble inclusive of shoes, jewelry and make-up. It will be great if you practice the walk as well to ensure it all feels comfortable.


Finish off the projects/work early on in the week, so that you don’t have work bothering you during the wedding week.

Communicate with the Wedding Planner

It’s good not to leave things to assumptions and to have a crystal clear communication with your wedding planner or co-ordinator. Obviously, you and your wedding planner must have chosen one of the best Sonoma country wedding venues, but it’s good to be in touch with the planner or co-ordinator if everything is going according to the plan. Checkout the last minute details properly.

Call up the Ones who haven’t RSVP’d

There are always some guests who fail to RSVP. During yourMarin County Wedding Venues wedding week, one of the most important to do things is to call the ones who haven’t RSVP’d as yet. It’s important for you to know the final count of guests who are coming to attend your wedding. Once it is done finalize the seating chart and keep the Event venues in Healdsburg in the loop.

Time to Call-Up Vendors

Call up all the vendors including your hair and make-up to confirm arrival times. This will help you keep any mix-ups at bay.

Confirm Honeymoon Planning

It’s good to double check the flight times, hotel bookings and bookings for any other activities which are part of your honeymoon.