Summer season is perfect for having an outdoor wedding at the majestic Sonoma country wedding venues.

Here are a few tips to help you with planning the design, decor, and food for your summer wedding:

The Venue

Gardens are in full bloom during summers, so a venue with an outdoor setting is the preferred choice. But to be on safe side, pick a venue that also has an indoor space, just in case of surprise summer rains. Some of the best wedding venues in Healdsburg offer both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings.

The Decor

Flowers are the most essential element in the decor of a wedding. You should always go for the ones that are blooming in the particular season. Fill your reception tables with extra large centerpieces made up of in-bloom buds, like dahlias, zinnias, peonies, garden roses, and more.  For your bouquet, the gerbera daisies are best. They are inexpensive and come in a wide assortment of bright colors. Other excellent summer flowers are hydrangea and asters. You can use individual summer flowers on their own or have a combination of them in vibrant colors.

The Food

The seasonality of food is not something people generally consider when planning their wedding meal, but it’s a significant factor in the overall elegance, enjoyment, and costing of a meal. It is always better to ask your caterer for a wedding menu which incorporates ingredients that are in season. This way not only will the food taste much more fresh but will also be cost effective.

Buffet-style and plated meals are both great options for catering your

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wedding, but buffets offer a more extensive variety, which is especially appealing in the summer.

People are more selective in what they eat in the heat, which means that your guests will appreciate having the option to pick and choose what they want to eat. They will also have the option of only taking as much food as they want, which means less wastage of food as compared to a plated meal.

Creating a drink’s menu for your summer wedding is much easier as nothing is more enjoyable in summers than Pimms & lemonade, iced teas, and fruity cocktails.