Your wedding ceremony is certainly special to you and wedding reception is no less special either. Your family, friends and guests look forward to it, because after-all who doesn’t want to have fun. In order to make the celebration fun and special, you need to plan it properly. Here’s a list of ideas to make your wedding reception special-

Choose the best wedding venue

If you are going for a

wedding reception in Healdsburg,

County Wedding Venues

you must choose the venue that is spacious enough. There are a number of good Sonoma County wedding venues at your disposal. Select the one that suits your wedding plans, décor, timings and other requirements.

Pay attention to seating arrangement

The importance of a great seating arrangement is much more than just people getting seated. Your guests are there for you and to meet their far-flung friends. A thoughtful seating arrangement will help them have a great conversation with their friends and have fun on the dance floor later. Kids should be seated together so that they can have fun with other kids. Outdoor

wedding venues in Sonoma

make it easier for you to plan out a great seating arrangement.

Keep wedding toasts short

The shorter they are, the more fun they are! Raising a wedding toast is not about going on and on and on. Typically, a wedding toast must not be longer than 2 minutes. Long anecdotes can be shared at the rehearsal dinner.

Keep a designated area for kids

It is extremely important to keep kids entertained and busy, so that parents can hit the dance floor and enjoy themselves. Keep a designated area for kids and arrange for a baby sitter as well. Arrange for movies, crayons and small toys so that they can have their own party.

Plan the dinner

The dinner has to be planned properly. Instead of going for a three course menu, you can stretch the dinner over 4 to 5 smaller courses. You can also plan for small surprises in between. It could be a professional performance or a nice poem penned down by your childhood friend.

Include surprise elements

Surprise your guests with something they didn’t expect. It could be magician flaunting his County Wedding Venuestricks or a salsa performance. These small surprises elements during the cocktail hour will make the night even more memorable.

Music that’s for everyone

Play music everyone can groove to. It is important to discuss this with the DJ before hiring them. Remember the reception party is not just for the couple, but also for the guests. Playing a playlist makes everyone tap their feet.

Villa Chanticleer is a preferred venue for wedding reception in Healdsburg. If you have any questions about the venue or how we can make your wedding reception a memorable one, feel free to reach out to us.