If you are tying the marital knot in the coming year, you may want to be aware of the biggest wedding trends of year 2020. From food to engagement rings, dresses for wedding ceremony and reception venues, it is all going to be trendier than before. In the coming months you will see Instagram and Pinterest flooded with these trends, but if you want to plan a fabulous wedding way in advance, this post is for you. Read on:

1. Wedding Flowers

According to the best venues for wedding ceremony in Healdsburg, we will see an inclination towards informal bouquets in the coming year. Rather than just a bunch of roses, you will see loads of botanical and leafy greens.  Muted blush tones were in vogue in 2019, but in 2020 you will see a shift towards bold colors.

2. Wedding Food

More informal eating arrangements and vegan menus are going to rule weddings in the coming year. According to best venues for wedding reception in Healdsburg, this generation is inclined towards veganism and wedding food trends will be affected by that too. Bespoke canapés, desserts and couples creating their own signature cocktails will also be part of the wedding trends of twenty-twenty.

3. Engagement Rings

2020 is going to be a leap year which means that women will be proposing more in this year. People will be recording the most important and unforgettable moment of proposing. YouTube proposal videos will continue to be popular in year twenty-twenty. In-fact, we might see a rise.

4. Wedding Dresses

High necklines, cathedral length veils and embroidery will rule the roost in the coming year. Besides, you can add a personal touch by adding accessories. Tattoos, headbands and leather jackets will be seen more. What’s more? Strapless gowns, regal dresses with ruffled collars will trend next year.

5. Wedding Décor

Wedding décor is one of the most important aspects no one really want to overlook. Experts of wedding ceremony in Healdsburg say that you will see more of balloon walls and wedding wall art murals in twenty-twenty. You can also expect indoor furniture to be moved out in the open. Fruit will be used profusely for decoration purposes. Wedding at stately homes will be pretty much on the cards in the coming year.

In a nutshell, 2020 will be all about a personalized touch. Less focus on religion and breaking the stereotypes can be expected.

If you need more information about wedding reception in Healdsburg or wedding trends, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to organize an unforgettable wedding for you.